Car Camera’s to Help with Road Rage Situations.

The car camera can help with road rage because it will video the thugs and stop them in their tracks!

If you haven’t heard about the car camera and what it can do for you in road rage situations – then read on – it might even save your life!

Long gone are the days when you could pretty much guarantee a safe and uneventful commute to or from the office in your car. At one time the journey could have even been described as fun, relaxing or “time out”.

You get the picture, it’s chucking it down with rain, you’re rushing back to the car, unlocking the door and falling into the seat – before you know it the radio is on, the heating is warming up and the days grind fades into the background as you look forward to the evening ahead.  Before you know it you’re home and dry and you can barely remember the rubbish tracks they were playing on the radio, interleaved with a gazillion ads.

These days though, the journey home is more likely to be a combination of ….

a) Not being let out at a junction as you try and join a main road from a side street.
b) Being “cut up” as you pass through the traffic lights and two lanes join into one.
c) Being harrassed by the driver behind who seems intent on making his car play leap frog with yours – he’s driving so close.
d) Having someone blow their horn at you because you were two seconds too slow when the lights turned green.
e) Being overtaken by a driver in the slow lane.
f) Having a parked car suddenly open their door into your path because they can’t be bothered waiting for the traffic to pass.
g) Avoiding school kids walking home because they just seem to prefer walking in the road than on the pavement.
h) Swerving to avoid the cyclist who prefers to ride 4ft into the road rather than at the side.

…….. in other words, you have to have your wits about you at all times!!!

Really, the list goes on and on and we all have our “pet hates” when it comes to driving, it’s a well known fact that we become “territorial” when we get behind the wheel so these seemingly small incidents are magnified by both their frequency and our in-built love of the protective little metal bubble we sit in.

Beneath the trivia though, is something more sinister (slow drum roll).

“Road Rage” is a problem on the increase and some drivers are becoming increasingly violent towards their fellow road users.

It seems like sticking two fingers up is no longer the preferred method of communication for some drivers (male in particular), instead they like to get out and make an exhibition of themselves by banging on the window and acting all tough – especially once they notice the target is a lone female.

Then of course we have the bonzos who just don’t seem to know how to drive, they aren’t selfish or in any particular rush, they just can’t drive a car properly.  Either too slow, too fast, can’t corner, don’t know what a mirror is for (or an indicator stick for that matter!!!!) – they just can’t drive.

These are often the types which cause the minor accidents and we really all need to be aware of them when they are in the vicinity.  Once they cause a bump – they may try and claim it wasn’t there fault (and in fact they will often genuinly believe that to be true theyre so dopey).  ******This is where having a car camera such as these found here***** comes in handy, having their daft road antics on video is all a good driver needs to prove his involvement in an incident was the other persons fault.

Youtube is crammed full of people who have uploaded some of the funniest and craziest videos taken from their car cameras, facebook itself maintains groups with hundreds of thousands of members just clamouring for the latest crazy driver video they can have a good gawk at.

At the end of the day we all need our cars – maybe the answer isn’t a video – maybe we should all just try to be a little bit more understanding towards each other when we are out on the roads.

Is Social Panic Disorder a Recongised Condition in the UK by the NHS?

I’ve been wondering what the truth is and whether or not the NHS have recognised social panic disorder as a debilitating condition for those who suffer it, and more to the point, does social panic disorder get treated by the NHS?

Well – if not – here is my take on it.

Social Panic Disorder causing Anxiety Attacks and Panic Attacks -How To Simply Stop It

The common description of people about an anxiety or panic attack as a very intense and sudden feeling of terror. Sometimes, it will also include physical symptoms like confusion and disorientation, seating, shaking, wild heartbeat dry mouth and chest pain. These symptoms will peak in within the 10 minutes of the episode that commonly lasts for five to thirty minutes. Fortunately, episodes will always subside after sometime and that the symptoms cannot really harm you. And if you really plan to end anxiety attacks and panic attacks, it’s best that you master controlling your fear.

People who also want to manage and end anxiety attacks and panic attacks, will ultimately grasp the idea that they should let the disorder know who is in control. This means that you must take back control and see it in a certain kind of way. While panicking is a powerful feeling, it is also quite dumb. And because people are prone to panicking, you should keep in mind that the disorder doesn’t really see. This means that this disorder do not know the things it should fear and that everything will come from you. And when this disorder feels a stressful or situation, it calls back energy to slow your breathing.

Moreover, the best way to end anxiety attacks brought on in a social situation which many people do is the avoidance of fleeing from the scene or situation.  So if for example that you are in a super store and an episode is about to happen, you should not run from the scene. If you do this, your panic response wil then associate grocery stores to terrifying situations. So what you should do instead is to delay leaving the premises until you are able to stay calm and relaxed. Through this, you will be able teach your panic response to realize that the place does not have to do anything with the episode.

One of the ways that a lot of people do to end anxiety attacks is having the capacity to control their breathing.  Since many people who suffer from this disorder lose their control during an attack or episode, they will then breathe faster and shorter. Because of that, your body will then assume that you are running and needs more air. And when a person breathes like that, it means that they are hyperventilating. So if you want to turn off the hyperventilation, you should hold your breath and take deep, long breaths.

You should also keep in mind that when you feel that an episode is going to happen, you should put an extra effort in continuing the activity you’re currently doing as if nothing is wrong. If you can continue with your activity and ignore the episode, it will eventually get tired and leave you alone.

So even if all these methods can be very helpful to end anxiety attacks and panic attacks, but there is a chance that you will not remember these techniques during an attack.  What you should do is to prepare before an episode happens. So you must make sure that you practice these techniques so that your responses will come naturally and automatically to make you calm down.

I hope this will help those suffering from social panic disorder – as it certainly seems to becoming more widespread these days due to work stresses, bills and hectic family life.

Cecil Lion Killer Walter Palmer Accused also of Sexual Harassment.

This guys got it all – works as a dentist, so good career, married and two kids. Basically the situation for a happy life and the ability to enjoy material gains from working hard and being good at what he does.

So what does he do?

He goes and slaughters wild animals – that’s what he does. Period.  He is an animal KILLER.

Oh wait – there may be more as well – this guy was accused of harassing a woman sexually and ended up forking out $127,500 in an out of court settlement.

What a guy. When there are people in this world struggling to make ends meet – and even dying of starvation, spending their days scratching for food, this guy goes about sticking things in animals and killing them because he enjoys it. What kind of a world do we live in where people actually enjoy causing animals pain, suffering and death.

I wouldn’t go to this “Walter Palmers” dental surgery for treatment – because I know that by doing so I could be funding a trip abroad for him to enjoy his sadistic animal slaughtering pleasures, and I have no wish to contribute to that activity.  I also wouldn’t go, because I don’t think I could stand being near Walter Palmer, knowing he is the slaughtering killer of fine animals.

Walter Palmer sexual harassment accusations and lion killing pic from Ny dailynews.


There he is above – with one of his poor souls – although we don’t think this was the famous Cecil – his most recent sickening trophy.  May that lion and every other creature this “thing” has slaughtered rest in peace.  Look at it with its eyes closed – I despair.

Look at Walter Palmer “smiling”.

So if you are a patient of his – think about his sexual harassment allegations and how he settled out of court, and also think about the blood he has probably had on his hands as he pokes around inside your mouth.

Mick “White Lightning” Fanning Punches Shark

Surfer Mick Fanning was attacked by a huge shark whilst surfing in South Africa this weekend.  The thing is – that whilst Mick himself says he managed to punch it in the back, the radio reports over here in the UK are utterly and grossly over exaggerating the story saying he punched it repeatedly in the “face”.  So yeah – huge story because lets face it at the end of the day Mick’s extremely brave and in the interview he tells calmly how he punched it in the back.

Why is it that news producers are such lying scumbags constantly on the look out to over sensationalize and already astounding story which captures peoples imagination without the hint of a requirement to make things up.

Anyway – the video is on Youtube, so you get to watch the truth from here without the interference of the doom and gloom merchants.
The shark attack happened during a surfing event at Jeffrey’s Bay in South Africa and was caught on camera as the filming was taking place of the surfing action. Not sure what kind of shark it was but rumours are great white or possibly tiger shark.

All credit to Mick Fanning as he got out of the water unscathed and had a chat with the folks who speeded over to get him out. It appears that during the attack Mick was separated from the board as the shark had grabbed hold of the tether – maybe with its mouth or just by getting caught up – only Mick Fanning will know exactly how it happened but it all appeared to be over in a few seconds – must have seemed like a lifetime though to Mick White Lightning Fanning!

Watching the video it looks to me as though it was Mick who took a punch to the face – maybe from the sharks tail or head – just before he disappears behind the huge wave.

Online Reviews.

What is it these days?  I’ve had it with certain reviews – I just don’t trust some of them.  This leads me to the point where I don’t know which ones to trust.

Heres a site doing reviews by a person with no interests financially by the seems of things.  I am going to be looking more into researching sites like that out before I decide what to buy next time.  I will be interested to see how this fellow blogger develops his site as it seems to have only just been started – but it is definitely something which there is a need for.  IE Independent Reviews rather than those posted by people who are stoooopid or in kahoots with the sellers!

I bought a tent on an online store, the supposed previous buyers (3 of them) said great things about it – pretty much what I would want to hear on reflection.  So I chose to buy it based on its colour – I wanted a green one!!! and also on the reviews (obviously there are other factors).

So it turned up and was as easy to pitch as described – but the material was garbage.   I mean it was really flimsy and nowhere near as raved about.  After 2 nights camping – the seam tore near one of the loops the tension ropes are tied to.

Luckily for me – because of this I was able to return the tent for a refund.

The lesson learned here is not to always trust user reviews.

Problems with Working from Home.

I work from home and it causes problems.  It also has its benefits, but the problems are of quite a nasty nature and after about 15 years of it I look back and sense that over time my health has been damaged (stress, heart) and my mental condition is slightly skewed from reality – well – a reality of working outside in the big wide world that is.

You see the thing is, those around me do not appreciate how hard it is to work when there are other people in the house.  So the wife inviting her mum round for the day is a HUGE problem.  Naturally the wife cannot see this, and argues that I won’t be disturbed (in a three bed semi) and that I should just grow up and concentrate on my work.

I am sick to death of my wife – absolutely sick to death of her.  She works 4 days a week and slums it on a friday claiming she’s doing “jobs” – although god only knows what these are – generally nothing more than playing on her iphone and moaning about how the jobs never get done – today though she’s got her mum coming round to do the ironing for her – and despite whatever is claimed otherwise, SHE WILL DISTURB ME.  This 4 day week slop has gone on for about 8 years now, and she thinks she’s hard done to.

So problems arise when home working (and there is also this marketing and case study kind of work – that sort of thing) from this angle – one of many infact –  but in general the topic is the same no matter how it manifests itself.  Let me explain.

Not only do I work from home, but I work for myself – there is no manager telling me what to do and how to do it.  I have to *think* and think hard – developing websites, product research, programming, shipping products, negotiating with suppliers, finding suppliers, getting customers to find me, providing customer support, ordering, testing.  The list goes on and on.  In essence – it is hard – and there are ZERO guarantees of making any profit.

Add to this I drop the kids off at 9.00 – get back at 10 past 9, then pick them up at 3.00 and it all ads up to a 6 hour working day at absolute best with no breaks.  Then comes the general underlying topic.


I am available for anything – anything at all.  Including the above, I can take people shopping, drop peoples post off for them, jack in my company at school holiday times, go visit sick friends, sort out ALL paperwork for the home (bills, tv packages, tax credits etc), sort out ALL car issues (except I have finally forced the wife to sort her own paperwork out on the car insurance front).  I can have a chat to neighbours over the garden fence for all hours, stop what I am doing to lend them tools etc.  Sack my company to fix things in the garden – like fencing and other maintenance (which can sometimes take days).  Stop what i’m doing to go and pay the window cleaner.  Go shopping for tea for the kids or just to get the bits and bobs we need.  The list goes on and on and on.


I have always maintained that not one of these little issues would cause me a problem on its own – even stopping work at 2.30 or so every day – but added up – they are a KILLER and a real problem if you are working from home by yourself.

If you add all of the problems up, plus school holidays – you’ve had it.

Unless you work nights or weekends aswell – which I always do – the best you will achieve in this situation would be about 20 hours per week.

I would say in summary that the problems of working from home outweigh the benefits some days, and other days I would die to have a 9 to 5 job.  But whatever – my health has suffered.

Swimming Pool Blues.

What is it with parents who take their children to swimming lessons?  Are they utterly thick and stupid?  Or are they mind numbingly selfish and self centered to the point of making my head explode in fury?

In our local pool, there are a limited number of changing areas – you know – the small cubicles in which your child is given a little privacy whilst they change into their swimming gear.    In addition to these, there are two larger “rooms” around which there is a wooden bench fitted to the wall.

In the changing area as a whole, there are around 150 or so lockers into which you can place your bags and other belongings and keep them secure whilst in the pool.

So what do the filthy lazy scum parents do?

Well of course – it’s too much to ask of them to use the lockers, no – instead the small minded selfish filth leaves their belongings in the cubicles or on the wooden benches round the large areas.   So what?  Whats the big deal?  I’ll tell you what the big deal is for those who don’t get it – the point is that they are still swimming when the next round of pupils arrive for their lessons, and these folk have to get changed too – but thanks to the filth – there is nowhere for their children to change.  Which in turn means there is no privacy for these kids.

So if you are one of the scumbags who feels its too much like hard work to put your kids belongings in a locker so that other kids have to get dressed in full view of everyone – just bear in mind one thing.

The next time your belongings are wet when you return from the pool – it may not be water on them – but something else – something NASTY – and you have no-one to blame but yourself you selfish pig headed greedy scum.

Fox Hunting David Cameron

David Cameron is saying he will introduce a bill to legalize fox hunting in the UK.

Why is it people actually want to kill foxes after chasing them round fields with a pack of dogs.  I just don’t understand it.

If I decided to go round ripping animals apart one day, I would seriously have to consider what brought about this change in my state of mind.  I mean – lets say – one day I woke up and thought “hey – I must go round and tear everyones dog apart and call it a sport”.  I would be put in prison for this – surely.

So what is it about people wanting to kill foxes – is it because they are wild?  Do they harm people?  I know dogs do – infact quite often I read in the news of children being attacked by pet dogs, sometimes the kids even die, and yet we don’t allow people to go round and rip dogs apart do we?  The poor foxes die a terrible agonizing death all in the name of sport and sometimes in the name of what?  Conservation?

I wonder if Cameron will legalize the trapping of pet dogs for messing up the streets?  When I stand in dog dirt I know for a fact it isn’t pleasant and then when its on the carpets in my house its even worse.  So what did the fox do which is worse than the dog?

If it comes down to allowing people to excersize their right to “hunt” – then thats just not good enough and it is high time we got shut of this barbaric and sadistic sport once and for all.  People will get over it – and eventually it will be looked upon by the population as the disgusting activity it is, and hopefully people will realise how wrong they were to agree to allow it to continue.

Having said that – I have my doubts – knowing what I know about the human race.

Vaping and Black Jack from Simply E Liquid.

I like to vape – used to be a heavy smoker and a combination of vaping and those little plastic cigs with the nicotine cartridges in them has stopped me for (at the time of writing) around 9 years now.

So whilst I still need a fix constantly and I crave the evil nicotine, for me, vaping seems the safer option.

When you get into the vape scene online you have to choose from a plethora of websites selling “the best” available products – naturally they all claim wonderful things about their gear – and to be fair – a lot of whats available to the ex-smoker is fantastic in terms of idea and design and also in quality.

But here is my niggle – theres always something going wrong in life isn’t there.  Everything seems to be a fight doesn’t it?  Ever get that feeling yourself?

So here we go – purchased from Simply E Liquid – a website which sells various vape gear including different flavours of liquid – one of which I particularly like called “Black Jack”.  Price is good, delivery is good – and when they turn up one of the bottles has no pointy cap on it – so what good is this?

Yet another frustrating, annoying pathetic problem to have to put up with and sort out.  See the bottles below.


What use is that one on the left?  I despair – why is it that so much of what I buy is faulty these days?  Did I contact them?  No – I really can’t be bothered – whats that well known phrase “if you want something doing right – do it yourself”.  So I will fix the problem by fiddling round trying to remove the top part of the e liquid bottle on the right once its empty and then pressing it into the other one.  I just hope that when I squeeze the fixed bottle that the top doesnt come off and leak all over the show.

Solar Eclipse March 15th 2015.

Well it shocks me to see so much garbage posted about this solar event as though it heralds new beginnings, fresh starts and worse still – good fortune and success.

Its a shadow caused by a ball of rock passing between the Sun (our local fusion reactor) and Earth (our little speck of dust in the cosmos).

As it passes between us and the Sun, it casts a shadow on the surface of the Earth – you know a shadow – a bit like when you were a kid and you made stupid rabbit shadows on the wall by sticking two fingers up.   Well the Moon is your hand and two fingers, Earth is the wall – get it?

Each time you throw a shadow down by passing in-front of a light, you don’t go thinking you’re about to win the lottery – you ain’t – and you know it, and more so, even if you were going to win, deep down you wouldn’t think it was because of your shadow (or would you?)

Sorry folks – the Eclipse is pretty, and indeed scientifically revealing and even (some may say) awe inspiring, however it is NOT MAGIC so don’t go placing your bets and hoping for the big one to drop in, it isn’t going to happen and don’t forget that as well as you, millions of others can see it aswell and we can’t all get lucky now can we?

Get real and enjoy it for what it is – an eclipse on March 15th 2015 – and if you are from the UK, say Sheffield, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, London, Leeds, Coventry or wherever – tough – its probably going to be cloudy anyway.  Not only that but you’re not far enough North so it wont even be a total eclipse for you even if it were visible.